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I can't do it all!

Do you know the throat-clutching realization that you've dreamed up a dream that is twice the size of your wit plus your will plus your wildest vision? [For the math people, the formula is Dream = 2(wit+will+wildness)}
But you've got it kick-started, and now the momentum will carry it and you'll be like a hot air balloon pilot who can decide how high to go and when to set it down, without much control over the rest!
That's why the trees. When there is no time to run an advertisement in the local paper for a person with exactly the right paperwork and previous experience to help you out, or to do a candidate sweep on LinkedIn, or to send everyone you know for an aptitude test, a Tall Trees Leadership report will take ONLY 18 minutes, and you can put anyone who may be willing to help out through a fun and fast process to get answers.
You only need to page to the Fields of Greatness or Forces within the section in your close friends, family's or coworkers' reports, and in quick bullet format you can find
1. who would be best suited to be your quality controller and box checker (Boxwoods, smile, and wave; or just nod and wave if it's been a hard day!)
2. who could help you get the word and sense of wonder out there (Take a bow, jump up and down, and say "Pick-me!" Palm Trees!)
3. who should take over and keep everything on track at the drop of a hat when you're off starting yet another project (Rose Bush, this is your cue to say, "I've got it! Just go!") or
4. who can be your eyes and ears to gauge how everyone in the group is really doing and to make sure everyone arrives alive (Pine Trees, no need to scream, wave, jump, or yell anything. We know you're there, as always. Thank you for being so humble in your essentialness!)
Here's to a Tall Team in no time because of the trees!
Get your answers about you and why you do what you do too!
by Hettie Brittz

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