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Tall Trees Licensed Coach Training Offer

Are you ready to become a Tall Trees Coach? 

This is the ticket to influencing the lives of others in a real and meaningful way! 

As Tall Trees Licensed Coach you will be able to:

  1. Work with individual adults, parents, teens, or kids in a coaching capacity, using their reports as the basis for your coaching.
  2. Be entitled to a 50% discount on the profiles and access to a professional coach dashboard.
  3. Purchase resources from Tall Trees Profiles to become better equipped for the supervised use of TTP reports.
  4. Supplement & enrich the work you already do in your environment.
  5. Work with individual adults, teens, and kids in a counseling context, where the personality profile helps you to tailor your approach.
  6. Use Tall Trees Profiles for teenagers one-on-one in a coaching or career guidance context, along with other programs or assessments.
  7. Counsel parents, teens, and kids in a family context, based on their Tall Trees Profiles.
  8. Coach parents individually and as couples using their Tall Trees Parenting or Leadership Profiles as a basis.

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What People Are Saying:

Tall Trees is an exceptionally useful and discerning tool in teaching, and in all other places of work and relationship. - Primary & Secondary School Teacher

Corrien Steenkamp

Tall Trees Profiles incorporate relationship building and is, therefore, a tremendous tool for individuals to better understand themselves and their own unique temperament. - Career Consultant

Rene Best

Today our entire office talk “Trees”, from the director to the cleaner. Tall Trees made me a 360-degree leader and I can honestly say that our employees feel fulfilled because they feel understood. - Financial Manager

Diana Nel

Tall Trees Profiles provided me with tools to further enhance the self-awareness amongst young professionals as leaders, and at the same time complimented my passion to educate, train and positively influence. -Chartered Accountant

Lynette Berger

To get useful information, without fatiguing the client makes it a very time-effective assessment tool and it also makes it possible to use the TTLP with clients who have difficulty with attention, like geriatric clients or teens. - Occupational Therapist

Ronelle Uys

I was amazed to see how accurate the Tall Trees Profile described me as an individual. It is user-friendly; easy to understand; affordable and spot on. - Industrial Psychologist

Tildie de Villiers

After doing a corporate Tall Trees workshop, companies trust me more to continue the Business Coaching mentorship journey with their employees. - Life Coach

Chanelle Beukes

This training has far surpassed my expectations and empowered me to better serve my clients. - Educational Psychologist

Lindie Moolman

TTLP as a tool opens up possibilities and insights that are very valuable to the individual and to any team. This is definitely one of the tools in my toolbox that I use often and with great success. - Senior Project & Portfolio Consultant

Johan Steenkamp