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Can you smell pride?

A heads-up to those who prefer podcasts. This post is about self-awareness and you can find the full audio story here:
He: “You know how prideful those people are!”
Me: “I have not noticed. How did you realize their problem was pride?”
He: “Well, they’re always seeking out the spotlight and center stage.”
Me: “Aha, so those who prefer not to be behind a microphone are usually less prideful than those who like to have the microphone?”
He: “Yes, of course!”
Me: “So pride is loud, and humility is quiet?”
He: “Usually, yes!”
Me: …
Before I tell you what I would say at this point, let’s ask everyone on this platform a question: What is a greater talent – art or athleticism? GO!
Cue popcorn to watch an epic debate, right? Because heated debates come from people not holding identical definitions of words, among other things. And so we’re putting apples and oranges in the same basket and having ourselves a food fight of note, slinging our choice of produce and juicy opinions at each other.
That’s why the trees. Because “he” in the dialogue above has lenses tinted by his own temperament through which he filters the behavior of others. He only knows what humility and pride do to one particular personality type, but what it does to him is likely in his blind spot. He misses how pride rears its ugly head in his neck of the woods or that pride – in truth – may just as likely keep its head down, being no less prideful in doing that! And all of us are him at times!
Rose Bushes’ pride manifests as extreme independence, arrogance, being a sore loser, or being a workaholic; Boxwood pride can wear the mask of rigid and self-righteous criticism or the tendency to cover up any possible embarrassment with over-achievement or denial; Pine Tree pride keeps Pine Trees out of every situation that could go South so that they can always hold onto plausible deniability (“I said nothing! I did not get involved!”) and come out squeaky clean when it all gets messy; Palm Tree pride is the only variant that looks like the example in the short dialogue above: attention-seeking and self-enamored.
And for that reason, my next response in the dialogue will likely be: “No need to take a Tall Trees Leadership Profile test, my friend. I can see you clearly.”
by Hettie Brittz

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