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Can you smell pride?

A heads-up to those who prefer podcasts. This post is about self-awareness and you can find the full audio story here:
He: “You know how prideful those people are!”
Me: “I have not noticed. How did you realize their problem was pride?”
He: “Well, they’re always seeking out the spotlight and center stage.”
Me: “Aha, so those who prefer not to be behind a microphone are usually less prideful than those who like to have the microphone?”
He: “Yes, of course!”
Me: “So pride is loud, and humility is quiet?”
He: “Usually, yes!”
Me: …
Before I tell you what I would say at this point, let’s ask everyone on this platform a question: What is a greater talent – art or athleticism? GO!
Cue popcorn to watch an epic debate, right? Because...
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