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People do come with a manual.

What I, Hettie, love most about living in Tennessee for the past five years is that I can suddenly grow things. It was not the case when I still lived in South Africa. Formerly known for my ability to kill even indoor plastic plants, I can now grow almost enough wineberries, blackberries, and blueberries to provide the whole of England with jam on their morning toast. (For those who don’t know about Tennessee Backyard Berry Farmin’, the art is to just keep clear, let Mother Nature take care of things, occasionally shoo the whitetail deer away, and exaggerate your harvest story. And for those who don’t know what jam is - it’s just chunky jelly for British folks.)

People growing is so much harder than this! People don’t flourish automatically, and letting human nature run its course, is a recipe for chaos. If you have been raising kids, please say this with me in a chorus: They ought to come with a manual!

Well, actually, they do.

When you buy a sapling...

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Not all people's faces work the same way

Not all people's faces work the same way. Some leak all their feelings and others have the same face for nausea as they have for nostalgia, and it barely differs from their sleep face and celebration face. Then there are the never-smilers and the permanent-grinners, the "you're not subscribed to this channel" poker faces, the perpetually surprised faces (who may or may not have had work done...), and the rubber faces who can express ecstasy and agony in high definition.
All these faces are like the Bible. The truth is in there, but you need the Holy Spirit for accurate interpretation, as well as a humble heart. Add the willingness to ask questions with sincere interest, and you MAY just arrive at an accurate reading!
Why this now? Because my heart breaks when those with the unreadable faces get labeled by the feeling leakers or smile fakers (did I forget to mention those?) as unapproachable, standoffish, hateful, blunt, or passive-aggressive.
I hear the...
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