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Who doesn't judge?

(If this is too long a read and you're more of a podcast person, That Tree Lady Podcast has you covered!
The truth may be (Iet me not sound too judgy by just coming straight out and saying the truth IS), judging is a daily constant and necessary cognitive skill that uses the same mental faculty to decide whether the coffee is strong enough (I do judge harshly when it isn't, don't I?) as it uses to judge whether Jeffery Deaver's short story is worth the $5 it costs on Kindle. And that was just yesterday's first and last judgment of the day. There were hundreds in between.
We weigh, we compare, we assess, we extrapolate based on prior misfires and bulls-eye experiences, and then we decide whether the judgment requires a decision or not. We do this in split seconds and mostly unconsciously. And then we make the call: I don't need to dump the weak coffee; I need to just stop being a snob and take it like medicine for the essential...
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