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"But are we compatible?"

(As usual, the non-long-social-media-post-readers have an alternative - have a listen here:
When people get to know Hettie Brittz as "That Tree Lady," or our facilitators as Tall Tree people, they assume that we already have them profiled, and then they want us to look into their minds the way a gypsy fortune-teller looks into a crystal ball. Can we then please tell them secret information of some kind, such as whether they and a person they're in love with (usually not the same tree type) are a match?
No, we can't.
We can fairly accurately predict, though, once they have taken a profile test and showed us their result, where they will have to work a little harder to stretch across the forest trail towards the beloved tree that is not like them. It is all about intentionality, initiative, and humility.
"How badly do you want the relationship to work?" is our answer to the question...
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