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Discover tools to unlock a client's unique DNA map in 8 minutes. From that, a highly individualized coaching path emerges that you can use to develop the client to his or her fullest potential. A Tall Trees Coach can help any client grow. Become trained TODAY.



What's included in the training?

  • Free profiles for you
  • A 5-unit video series
  • Accreditation examinations
  • Checklists & templates downloads


  • 2 E-books by famous author Hettie Brittz
  • Workbooks
  • Workshop presentations
  • Access to an exclusive group of facilitators & coaches 
  • Marketing & affiliate opportunities


Tall Trees Licensed Coach Training.

Do you want to develop leaders for the next generation?

Do you dream of equipping parents and families?

Is a teaching profession important to you and would you like to add value?

Do you think that growing in emotional intelligence is crucial for personal and professional success?

Our profiles prove to be valuable in all these areas, from a corporate environment to schools, churches, and families.

We have trained more than 300 Coaches from various fields - industrial, clinical & educational psychologists, social workers, HR practitioners, pastors, therapists, counselors, life coaches, etc. - who use our profiles successfully in their day-to-day jobs to enrich relationships, equip and grow people.

Join our team and make an impact in YOUR sphere of influence!

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Full price

R12000 ZAR | $999 USD

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  • Approximately 9 hours of viewing time
  • Professional dashboard
  • Access to leadership, parenting, teenager, and kids profiles
  • Your coaching fee stays yours
  • Worldwide online community of facilitators



Everything you need to grow, equip, and lead people in all spheres of life

This is the ticket to influencing and impacting the lives of others in a real and meaningful way! 


Personal growth

Growth isn’t always changing – sometimes it means becoming more of what you already are. An oak remains an oak even if it should grow very tall. We believe that people should continue growing while staying true to their given nature.
Such a person grows in character, steadfastness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.
In order to grow, you need self-knowledge, confirmation of where you belong, and
where you can make your greatest contributions. Tall Trees Profiles helps you to understand six key areas for personal growth: Your unique strengths, what you need to flourish, the tasks & situations that suit you best, the areas that hinder your development, your communication style, as well as your attitude towards life.


Professional growth

Nowadays well-being at work depends on so much more than a good salary and a comfortable office or workspace. The pressures and expectations, economical uncertainty, and the mere
complexity of each employee’s life, force management to look after people’s wellbeing in a holistic and innovative way. Not only does Tall Trees™ add value to the individual as a worker, but also empowers the individual with valuable self-insight in personal growth and developing potential. Individuals who have space for personal growth are better employers and better employees. Tall Trees™ workshops lead to a positive transformation of the total workplace culture, thus creating a
more productive environment for every person in the company. It enables everyone to connect more positively, adapt to change, grow in empathy and understanding of others and become a better team member, setting each person up for professional success.


Family growth

The family is the haven where parents and children are supposed to
find shelter, but unfortunately, it is often the scene where relationships run aground. Tall Trees maintains that family members should take responsibility for their mutual nurturing. Tall Trees makes this very easy by literally supplying lists of every family member’s needs. Nurturing doesn’t need to be a guessing game. It entails the decision to love other family members in their own way. The practical plan is already drawn up!

Becoming a Tall Trees facilitator is an investment in yourself and your family, but also equips you to enrich the lives of other families. The profiles will enable parents by helping them discover the temperament of each family member & learn how to help each other grow, improve communication, mitigate conflict & build a better bond.


The profiles you will be able to coach with


We have four profiles for you to coach with - each a uniquely, individual, 26-page, 8-minute map for your client.  

With these profiles, you will discover how to grow & guide each client in the following areas:

  1. Fields of Greatness - The tasks & situations where they excel.
  2. Fertilizer - Their needs to help stay resilient & effective.
  3. Frostbite - the areas that are difficult & uncomfortable.
  4. Forest Fires - their communication style.
  5. Forces Within - their inherent strengths.
  6. Fast Forward  - their growth tips for maturity.


Tall Trees Leadership Report

For adults 18+ years

The Tall Trees Leadership Profile for Adults is a personalized 26-page document in which you learn about your social, work, life view, and leadership profiles.

Discover your Forces within (strengths), Fields of greatness (where you belong), Frostbite (stress factors), Fertilizer (core needs), Forest Fires (communication and conflict style), and Fast Forward (challenges).

Also included is an individualized Growth Plan* toward greater success and better relationships.


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Tall Trees Teen Leadership Report

For teens 12-17 yrs

The Tall Trees Leadership Profile for Teenagers is a personalized 26-page document in which you learn about your social, work, life view, and leadership profiles.

Discover your Forces within (strengths), Fields of greatness (where you belong), Frostbite (stress factors), Fertilizer (core needs), Forest Fires (communication and conflict style), and Fast Forward (challenges).

Also included is an individualized Growth Plan* toward greater success and better relationships.


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Tall Trees Parent Profile

The Tall Trees Parenting Profile is a personalized 26-page document in which you learn about your nurturing, discipline, and mentoring profiles that shape how you parent.

Discover your Forces Within (parenting gifts), Fields of Greatness (where your style fits your child’s needs), Frostbite (stress factors), Fertilizer (parent survival tips), Forest Fires (how you handle emotions, teach, train, speak, listen and correct), and your Fast Forward (the areas in which you can mature as a parent).

Also included is an individualized Growth Plan* toward greater parenting success and better relationships with your loved ones.



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Tall Trees Kids Profile

For children between 3 - 11 years. 

This is the first personality test in the world where up to 4 people (including the child) can complete an assessment about a child and receive feedback based on their combined knowledge of the child.

This profile will equip you with 30 unique characteristics of the child unpacked in 6 areas:

  1. Forces Within (innate gifts)
  2. Fields of Greatness (the tasks & situations that he/she can handle with eyes closed)
  3. Frostbite (stress factors)
  4. Fertilizer (what fills his/her love tank - core needs)
  5. Forest Fires (communication style)
  6. Fast Forward (challenging areas)

With each area, you receive 3 parenting tips personalized for the kid's personality - 18 parenting tips altogether to help you develop the child to his or her fullest potential.

Also included is an individualized Growth Plan.


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Leanne Greeff

-  Educational Psychologist

The Tall Trees questionnaires and detailed feedback provide wonderful skills to help parents understand and work on improving their relationships with their children.


Lynette Berger

- Chartered Accountant

Tall Trees Profiles provided me with tools to further enhance the self-awareness amongst young professionals as leaders, and at the same time complimented my passion to educate, train and positively influence.


Ronelle Uys

- Occupational Therapist

To get useful information, without fatiguing the client makes it a very time-effective assessment tool and it also makes it possible to use the TTLP with clients who have difficulties with attention, like geriatric clients or teens.